Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Vodafone under the tree

The new Vodafone Christmas Jingle advertisement has recently been playing in my head.

Is this a good thing for advertising?  Under the tree is the name of the tune and I can’t get it out of my head.  

So I can remember the jingle but could I remember the brand if I was not so preoccupied with advertising and how it works?

You can listen (and buy if you want) to the advertisement music here http://www.songofthesalesman.co.uk/ad.aspx?let=Vodafone

The music is by the Water Babies.

You can watch the band perform it here http://www.video-c.co.uk/radarwatch.asp?vidref=thew011&text=expanded&playback=S&player=QT

The advertisement itself can be seen here http://www.thewaterbabies.info/?gclid=CKX_lM6Oi4ICFRd5MAodDjEt1w


Advertising and music – irritating for me but some how a great Christmas effort fitting the brand and allowing a number of sponsorships to be shown, although the Man Utd one will be ending soon.


Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Honda Do It Again

Another fabulous advertisement from Honda. The advertisement shows a man singing along to a sound track of "Impossible Dream" sung by Andy Williams. As the man sings he uses various forms of transport to travel through some breathtaking scenery.
Take a look at the advertisement here.
Honda are almost single-handedly invigorating the TV advertising slot with a series of great advertisements from Cog, through Grrr to this new advertisement. I hope that it assists with the development of the brand. The brave team at Honda deserve some credit for their efforts.