Friday, July 29, 2005

Greenpeace Lurid Viral

This viral has a very powerful message. It depicts a graphic exchange between Mr and Mrs Smith and is a satirical skit about the Bush/Blair relationship.
I am interested in the depiction of brand

The front page of the Greenpeace website mentions the types of activity that I would interpret as heartland Greenpeace viz. Dolphins, Whales, and taking action.
Yet it also includes this picture
It seems to me that this type of imagery (the viral and the fishfinger) are taking the brand into more militant territory. Greenpeace could have been considered a very "wholesome" activist group that was concerned about oil platforms and sea life but this new content seems to be taking the group towards a more aggressive, antagonistic stance.
Take a look at the viral it's fairly lurid and decide for yourself.

Bloody Big Beer Ad

What a fantastic advert, this is spreading virally at a significant rate throughout the web. I am part of several advertising fora and every time I turn on my e-mail I get another e-mail telling me to look at it.
You can look at it here
It's a fantastic advert shot in New Zealand by an Australian brewer that parodies the British Airways advertisements of many years ago.
The music is Carmina Burana and apparently 20,000 of the cast are computer generated.
Apparentlyit has reached 500,000 people over the web and will be launched on TV on 7th August.
Significantly Matt Keen Foster's GM is quoted as saying....
"The advertising arena has become more fragmented," he says. "TV is still the way to market but the digital arena is becoming increasingly important, it's also a way of engaging with drinkers personally. When they watch a television commercial there will be a number of other distractions Â… it's shown among other ads and there's generally a lot of noise about, but when people are sitting at their computers we know they've taken the time to see the ad; they've engaged with it. And that's important."

Take a look it really is fantastic advertising and in my opinion deserves to sell more beer.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Feel good factor what a buzz

It is quite unbelievable how fast some news travels. I am blogging about it now. The Olympics is coming to London. I watched the news on TV as it happened. Why? Because my sister started the buzz when it was down to the last two cities. I am not from London but I jumped up when it was announced. It would be the most fantastic advertising that could create that line of "must talk about" content. We will have to see which organisation can capitalise on the Olympics in the next seven years.

Search Engine Optimisation and the future of search behaviour

A number of articles that I have seen recently offer an opinion that SEO is a cottage industry. This seems to indicate that organisations are looking beyond directory listings.
The importance of Google position etc., seems obvious, but for how long???

Surely levels of awareness can be generated and the googling factor could be removed?

Our family business used a telephone directory for many years, now we have reduced our advertising to a line entry as the effect has been reduced through "off line" awareness in that business sector.

A number of organisations have tried to create and develop portals that would be the gateway to the web for their users. These portals would include and deliver all that the user wants. At the moment whilst many net users are "teched" up this opportunity seems to be small but will it all change when interactive TV becomes the gateway to the net? Perhaps Sky might replace google and we could all be sky-ving instead.

Eye Tracking

Further metrics are developing from studies of eye tracking of "consumers" on the web.

The increased in multimedia viewing and listening gives added significance to this these studies.

You can find articles about these studies in the following places.

This is very interesting stuff and could encourage a move away from ppc costings in web advertising towards the "print" pricing of advertising.

I just wonder what the new back cover or inside front cover will be?

These articles seem to suggest half page text advertisements when scanned quickly, but I'm not sure that will be compelling creative, unless it's written very, very well.