Thursday, October 13, 2005

About time too

As Apple announces it's move to do for video what iPod did for music I can only reflect upon the superb opportunity that this presents. The squashing of Bit Torrent and accompanying websites that offered sharing of video files was a protectionist and anti-market move by the distributors of video. At least the long-term fiasco in the music industry due to the legal cases against Napster et al might be avoided. The consumer has clearly shown that he/she wants video downloads. The companies that can make this happen profitably deserve success, and hopefully the folks that place obstacles in the path of the free market will get what they deserve.

Internet Spend Outstrips Outdoor

UK Internet spend has started to outstrip Outdoor spend according to new figures published by e-marketer.
Broadband penetration in the UK has also outstripped US take up of the faster service. It seems that the advertisers' money is following the audience, and quite right too.
The issue this poses - what's the future for Radio??? Even iPod is doing video on demand. Will the car and the workplace eventually become the only venues for the consumption of radio?

Even in the US - too many Ads is a turn off

More material to add to the "Is the 30 sec spot dying?" debate. It appears from a recent USA today article that I picked up from Media Buyer Planner that the audience is complaining about the 6 act format for TV shows. In the UK "Lost" is an example of this format. Perhaps the stations have overstepped the mark? The audience wants to watch the show and in an era of "must see TV" complaints about the amount of commercials during the programme might seem an inevitable side effect. What price the premium slot just before or after the show if this reaction escalates?

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Listenomics - The next new marketing term?

In Bob Garfield's piece in Adage the argument that the old media is dead or at least redundant is presented. The issue I have with this argument is that only selective, qualitative data offer the basis. Americans watch more TV, UK Internet growth is plateauing, so the data indicate that we can only consume so much but our traditional media consumption is still a key part of the mix. Yes the media world is changing, and yes people embrace products e.g. iPod; Converse and others but this is no new, new, big, big thing it's just an extension of the existing. This extension relies upon the old media delivering a platform from which these organisations can operate their new ideas. These companies are maximising the value of a connected marketing world and not, I suggest, finding themselves in a new place with new rules.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

The growing influence of conversations via the Internet

In this short piece Jim Meskauskas highlights the growing influence of Internet based conversations.  Companies are increasingly aware of the role that WOM plays in the fortunes of their products and the example of P&G's response to the coffee machines provides clear evidence.
The Cluetrain Manifesto and the words of Seth Godin seem to be ringing true.  Set against this the increased consumption of TV in the USA - over 8 hours a day and marketers and advertisers are faced with a growing complexity.  Even though market research is available at their finger tips by scanning blogs and the Internet consumers are consuming more media, and more different formats of media.  This complicates the target - it's not necessarily moving, it's just that there are so many of them.  How can you converse with a customer base that is the size of P&G's????

Monday, October 03, 2005

Fabulous new Guinness Advertisement

Despite siren voices calling for the end of the traditional 30 second TV commercial Guinness has delivered a fabulous new 50 second advertisement. It is a wonderful journey back in time and uses the tag line "Good Things Come to those who wait." It's a wonderful piece of marketing communications work with a return to an old popular tag with superb cut through creativity - put money on it for next year's Clios is my view - Have your view here