Friday, May 12, 2006

Speaking Engagements 1 - Crowded House

I’ll send a viral quiz from Virgin music that has the title of this blog as an answer on Monday, but first some thoughts on a speaking engagement from Wednesday.

Four members of the VBMA ( delivered a panel session to a crowded room at the Internet World Conference ( in Earls Court on Wednesday 10th May.


The main themes were the need to integrate the new tools and technologies that can deliver viral marketing and that these initiatives must be integrated into the overall campaigns.


Questions came from the floor and these questions frequently considered viral to consist of bad taste jokes with scantily clad models.  This is an element of viral, but it’s much broader and can relate to niche groups.  As Justin Kirby (a panel member and MD of DMC responded for mass brands that technique can work but for the majority of organisations viral tools and techniques and connected marketing offer a considerable opportunity to reach target markets in a relevant and effective manner.


The other speakers were Russell Goldsmith ( ) who delivered a fascinating piece on webcasting using Nintendo as an example and Andy Whittaker ( who discussed big name FMCG examples where viral was integrated into the direct marketing campaign.


The session had attendees standing in the aisles and the interest and hence opportunity for organisations in this area was very evident.