Tuesday, November 29, 2005

I'd appreciate your views

A bit of shameless self-promotion today, and the promotion of my co-authors who have recently worked together under the editorship of Justin Kirby and Dr. Paul Marsden.

The book - Connected Marketing is published. Why not take a look at the micro-site for the book?



There is also a quiz to promote it over at adland:


Good luck and I hope you buy and enjoy the book
If you do tell me and if you don't tell me too.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Advice For Viral Advertisers

Here's a url I received from Justin Kirby of DMC (www.dmc.co.uk)

"sincere viral advice for those unfamiliar with sarcasm"


This is a very amusing take on the world of viral from a more serious group of brand builders in the field. I am let smiling yet wondering whether or not the pioneering element of semi-clad women and horrific images is perhaps just a precursor to success in the manner of Channel 4 (www.channel4.com) and five (www.five.tv) as TV stations.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Alan Sugar and Advertising

In the Sunday Times yesterday I read about a speech Mr Sugar gave at a marketing conference . In a similar vein to his recent piece in the Independent Mr Sugar criticised TV advertising because it interrupts the programmes and is too arty . I enjoy his earthy delivery but I am slightly cynical given Mr Sugar 's self promotion and the fact that he stars in a series that could be described as a one hour advertisement . My view is that the quality of the advertisements ' content is the important element .

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Online Advertising Predictions

Today's Marketing Vox contains some very interesting predictions for advertising in 2006.
Marketing Vox Top 10 for 2006
Further details can be found at 24/7Real Media Website
I am very interested in the brand building opportunity that is predicted from SEM. Simple copywriting will come into play with the links created by the Google searches. A real opportunity for a new area of copywriting that works for brands rather than very functional "buy your stuff here" wording.
The predictions are very interesting, but always bear in mind that 30% of the population are digi-phobic according to Dave Chaffey the Internet guru. So although the trends are occurring perhaps the "real mass market revolution" is a little further away than the net based workers and surf junkies would like to think.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Cravendale - so good the cows want it back

What a fabulous campaign. Milk so good the cows want it back

This shows how great advertising can differentiate the most standard commodity product.

In my local supermarket 1 litre of Cravendale is 60p per litre vs. 47.8p for "standard semi-skimmed


Take a look it's a great piece of work

Monday, November 07, 2005

Very pleasing on the eye Bravia Advertisement

The above url links to the making of the newly released Sony Bravia advertisement. It's a great advertisement with a full information website all about the advertisement and its making. It's hard enough to catch a normal super ball but 250,000 of them on the Streets of San Francisco!