Friday, July 29, 2005

Bloody Big Beer Ad

What a fantastic advert, this is spreading virally at a significant rate throughout the web. I am part of several advertising fora and every time I turn on my e-mail I get another e-mail telling me to look at it.
You can look at it here
It's a fantastic advert shot in New Zealand by an Australian brewer that parodies the British Airways advertisements of many years ago.
The music is Carmina Burana and apparently 20,000 of the cast are computer generated.
Apparentlyit has reached 500,000 people over the web and will be launched on TV on 7th August.
Significantly Matt Keen Foster's GM is quoted as saying....
"The advertising arena has become more fragmented," he says. "TV is still the way to market but the digital arena is becoming increasingly important, it's also a way of engaging with drinkers personally. When they watch a television commercial there will be a number of other distractions Â… it's shown among other ads and there's generally a lot of noise about, but when people are sitting at their computers we know they've taken the time to see the ad; they've engaged with it. And that's important."

Take a look it really is fantastic advertising and in my opinion deserves to sell more beer.

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