Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Virality in Marketing Communications

The current confusion over the leak or not of the latest Doctor Who illustrates two things (at least)
1. The level of interest in Dr Who despite the long absence from our TV screens.
2. The power of viral communications over the Internet. The news of the leak spread very, very quickly and the BBC and its Canadian partner are all denying any fault.
The question is: Why are they concerned? The amount of coverage has been huge and the BBC have gained a hype even beyond the round of interviews for Billie Piper. Some sites talk about heads rolling, I think its bonuses that the leakers deserve! See wired for a great discussion.
As for me it brings back memories of hiding behind the settee when the Daleks came on.

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Anonymous said...

The cylerions (spelt?) were MUCH scarier than Daleks!!! But I am with you on the behind the sofa positioning. I have to say I watched it and quite enjoyed the tongue in cheek style - Tom Baker esque......... dig out the natty scarves.