Tuesday, January 31, 2006

His and hers dressing gowns

This parody for Amnesty International was sent via emily@eatmail.tv on Friday. It is fabulous parody of shopping television. The tone of voice and the script used by the presenters is spot on in my opinion, that makes me sound like an expert about shopping channels, so I might edit it later!

On a more serious note the difference between the effect caused by such a light-hearted portrayal and a vivid and more violent portrayal of the effects of the arms trade is open to debate. On one hand there is an argument that viewers are " de-sensitised" and not affected by the violent work on the other the argument that the vivid produces results e.g. Barnardo's.
It might be unpleasant but my vote goes to the nastier and darker portrayals, I suspect that across the board whether for drink, drugs or guns these campaigns produce better results.

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