Thursday, June 02, 2005

Blogmetrics - More is good?

I hear that the more often you post to a blog the more often people will read your blog? This seems intuitively true. Whenever something is posted if someone has a feed or an aggregator then the blog will could be read. But will this always be the case or will the content be the key thing?

The blog reader may not browse the blog very often if the blog is not updated regularly but surely with RSS etc., then the content can be seen when it is published. Thus I am in two minds about whether or not the frequency of posting will effect the number of readers or hits on a blog site.

I wonder whether there is a rule of 3 postings a day = 3 x hits? I am sure that this cannot rise with a direct relationship or 1,000 posts a day = 1,000 x more readers but it is possible that a relationship could exist between the number and frequency of posts and the hits.

Obviously as an academic who is interested in the empirical facts about blogging and its effects on media consumption particularly from the point of view of marketing, advertising and PR this is a key area for my study. If anyone has data in this area please send me an e-mail, or even if you have any views please send me your comments.

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