Thursday, June 09, 2005

P&G sidestepping PVRs?

This article from New Media Age continues the theme of today's earlier post on this blog.
P&G spends £160-£170million on TV and the company is concerned about the long term future of the thirty second TV slot.
P&G are trying to use interactive technologies to develop and enhance the slots - the ubiquitous digital "red button" being used.
So PVRs and fewer viewers the future for TV looks bad, but I have a nagging doubt that if you sell mass market FMCG products TV will be removed from the media mix.
Where else can you deliver huge reach to support mass market products. This page from the Guardian illustrates the size of the viewership for some programmes.
Even between 10 and 10:30 at night on the "main" commercial TV channels 7.1 million viewers were watching.
If we use a figure of £7 per thousand for all adult airtime that's a cost of approx £31,000+
So it's still a big market and it still has good reach but there's little doubt that advertisers are concerned about the long term future for traditional TV advertising.

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